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12 grudnia  2015 (sobota)

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Małgorzata Imbierowicz – Five minutes activities "

Małgorzata Imbierowicz – „Mixed abilities classes are always challenging


Five minutes activities


The aim of this hands-on session is to present various five minute activities used as fillers, warmers and cool down activities involving meaningful communication and appealing to all senses of the students. They usually do not require any special preparation, no extra materials and environment. Most of them can be used with any age in primary teaching.

They are based on popular games and can break routines. All activities are appropriate for revision, recycling and reinforcing.


Mixed abilities classes are always challenging.


The session will be based on sharing experience, discussing the ideas of group and pair work, task grading, task based learning, project work and collaboration in a mixed ability group. Key ideas involving assigning tasks with various levels of difficulty, assigning roles of helpers and mentors, the art of nomination and presentations will be discussed. How can we make the weaker students have the feeling of achievement and fulfillment and stronger use their potential?  Some ready-made solutions will be presented and tried on.





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