Polish as a foreign language differs from the dry, traditional approach of the past.

Our pragmatic approach walks you through real, practical situations and dialogues, at your own rate. We emphasize speaking and comprehension, and as your confidence grows, so does your proficiency. Before you know it, you'll be independent, meeting other people, asking directions, buying tickets, negotiating contracts

Our offer:
- short regular Polish courses
- professional language programme prepared by our experienced methodologists of teaching

Polish as a foreign language
- opportunity to practice conversation skills

General course
The classes are in the morning or in the afternoon. We offer different levels of courses from A1 to C2.


A1, A2 - a programme for beginners, who have no knowledge of Polish. After this course student will be able to communicate in daily situations by using basic vocabulary, grammar and necessary expressions.
B1, B2 - a programme for intermediate students, which is helpful to learn more complicated grammatical structures and to extend the writing, speaking and listening skills.
C1, C2 - a programme for advanced students. It is a proposal for those who have solid grammatical and lexical basis, who have just had some experience in speaking Polish language and who want to perfect their use of the language in specific areas, in writing, and in pronunciation.